14 filtros que debes seguir si eres un Instagramlover


Sábado 22 de Junio de 2019 | 9:00 hrs.

14 filtros que debes seguir si eres un Instagramlover


¿Eres de los que no puede parar de investigar filtros de Instagram? Te invitamos a revisar esta guía que es perfecta para todos aquellos que los filtros les alegraron la vida.


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@naokawaii + Beauty3000 = Kawai3000

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i know what love is

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Putting my little lost boys to bed! Finley, Oscar and Dexter make fantastic little Vampires! I can’t wait until they are old enough to watch some of my favourite films with me. It’s way, way too early to introduce any of these little nippers to From Dusk til Dawn though. I love the first film so much and I really must give @duskelrey the series a go! Maybe Buffy the Vampire Slayer is a good place to start! It’s also one of my absolute faves and a little more child friendly…. Finley turns 8 this month and he’s the eldest. Still too young to watch @sarahmgellar, @dbodbo69, @karazma and co? This filter is currently in review and it features an awesome set of teeth by @the_creaturetorium. I’ll post as soon as it goes live. DM if you want a test link. . . . . #buffythevampireslayer #davidboreanaz #buffysummers #cordeliachase #angel #angelus #spike #vampires #vamps #fangs #instahorror #horror #filters #lostboys #instafilter #sparkar #ar #augmentedreality

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this filter is amazing

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When I started making these filters, I knew one day I would announce that I had created a “Butterfly Effect” .. and my friends, today my latest mask/filter called “Butterfly” is live!! 🦋 Tap to swap antannae on/off and to rotate through 3 different butterflies. I hope you enjoy the vibrant colours as much as I do! 🦋 If you follow me, this effect has been added to your IG camera tray. You can also use the direct link I’ve included in my bio (linktr.ee/liannetokey) 🦋 I am so grateful for how kind you have all been, with such nice and supportive words about my work. It keeps me motivated to create more! Please tag me in your stories and posts, as I love to see how you use these. 😘🦋 #butterflyeffect

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