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Magia Negra, 26 de junio Magia Negra, 26 de junio
Magia Negra 26 de julio

Magia Negra, 26 de junio


Suenan los ritmos funk & soul en esta nueva y mágica edición. A las 22.00 conduce Fernando Mujica:


Apple & The 3 Oranges – Down Home Publicity

Apple & The 3 Oranges – Free & Easy

Bare Faxx – Number One Prize

Bennie Cole & His Soul Brothers – I Don’t Want To Cry

Earl Swindell – You Have Come Into My Life

Jimmy Brinson – I Don’t Want To Hear It Now

Len & The Pas – Soul Block

Little Richard 3 – She Broke Down

Mckinley Sandifer – Rare Back and Stretch

Pearly Queen – Quit Jivin’

Raw Soul – Georgia Walk

Thunder Lightning & Rain – Super Funky

Touch – Pick & Shovel

 Evelyn “Champagne” King – Smooth Talk

Rck James – Cold Blooded

 The Trammps – Zing Went The Strings Of My Heart

The Trammps – Hold Back The Night

The Trammps – Hooked For Life

The Trammps – Body Contact Contract